Monday, July 11, 2011

finally, i have accepted the fact that i do not have a gift in writing. so, i have decided to stop this blog and transfer to tumblr where it is easier to photoblog. if you are still interested to follow me, here is my tumblr site. it was quite a journey. thanks for letting me vent out here.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

i love android

last year, i purchased an android phone for my part time job without any clue what it is capable of. all i wanted is something that will let me browse the net and help me do my tasks for my 2nd job while i am travelling home so i can save time. little did i know that i will fall in love with it. aside from the fact that i am enjoying mobile internet everyday, i discovered that there are a lot of free applications that i can use. like this blogger application i am using while i write this post.

since i am into photography, having a camera that is always handy is somehow important especially during times that you feel that itch/need of capturing scenes or moments without your precious dslr. of course, the dslr's quality cannot be compared to a 3 megapixel phone cam but for artistic purposes, i think it can be at par. so my lovestory with phone photography started. in the span of 2 months, i have taken 100 plus photos from my phone and still counting. will post photos soon because i am still figuring out how to do it here.

to end this post, may i just quote a friend who is also an android user: she said, "android is love" and yes, i agree. :)
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 in retrospect

my year 2010 went so fast. it felt like i just went to sleep for a long time and when i woke up, it is already almost the end of the year.

i started the first quarter of 2010 in izone working as a ppc specialist for the last 2 years, stressed with the current situation of the management and on the verge of resigning but not sooner than i expected. the next thing i knew, i was all over (exaggerated :D ) south china (dongguan, xiamen and guangzhou) with a freezing ass during a very hot summer in the philippines working for a home furnishing company. was there twice, my very first out of country trip. lost my job during the middle of the year. was a bum for almost 4 months. i was given a part time job by my cousin that somehow helped us go by. covered 2 baptisms, a children's birthday party and a wedding. landed a new job in US autoparts in October.

2010 is also the year when i rekindled my friendship with a few highschool friends. i also had a few months of slight depression due to unemployment. met new people and an instant group of friends at work.

it was a roller coaster ride just like the past years but i would like to think that 2010 was a good year for me. i was able to realize a few things and was able to do the things i love the most. i am just glad that i grabbed every opportunity that came my way or else i will forever regret it. though, i made a lot of wrong decisions in 2010, i know it made me a better person and as always, the good Lord never failed me.

thank you for those people who had been part of my 2010. for those who believed in my skill and talent and took the risk, i thank you for the opportunity. i will forever be grateful. to the new friends i made and the old ones that i keep, i look forward to a better year with you and for all of us. God bless us all.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

it's been a while since i last posted. as usual, i was busy with a lot of things and i think there was nothing to write about anyway.

i just want to greet everyone a blessed christmas and i hope that you are all warm with your families.

Monday, October 11, 2010

start of something new

tomorrow's indeed another day. God speed.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

thank you Lord

something good happened today. thank you Lord!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

playing the guitar again

it's been a month or two since i went back to playing the guitar again. but this time, i've decided to get serious in reading tabs and playing my classical guitar "classically." it has been a year since i last played it and already forgot the one and only guitar piece that i know by heart. yeah, i still cannot figure it out all by myself and will need the help of youtube in the future. for now, i need to concentrate practicing the music sheets i bought. i am on my 3rd piece and will soon be moving to the next. i hope to get better in this.


rio just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl last sept 24. such a cutie. and yeah, hindi na natuloy ung maternity shoot namin. hindi na kme nahintay ni baby. sabi ko kay rio next time na lang. hehehe...


P.S. i've finally got a new blog header. :D